Environmental Policy Ice and Adventure


Goal of Ice and Adventure in Environment:

  • Take care of resources, reduce waste and increase recycling.
  • Choose products and services with respect to the environment.
  • Educate staff on environmental impact and encourage increased results in the field.

Our company is responsible for the environmental policy and we are always guiding it. We want to make our contribution to
sustainability in tourism in Iceland. We are constantly working on
improvements to minimize the impact of Ice and Adventure on the environment.

Economically fuel-efficient snowmobiles are key when it comes to
decreasing carbon emissions on the glacier. With this in mind, Ice
and Adventure has taken advantage of various technological
advances and improvements, etc. with the purchase of new and
environmentally friendly snowmobiles. Our snowmobiles are the
same type as the snowmobiles allowed in the Yellowstone National Park in North America, where strict rules apply to air and noise pollution.

Various measures have been taken to make the operation of Ice and Adventure more environmentally friendly. We recycle e.g. paper, plastic / metal, bottles, glass and cans, clothing and waste oils. We also separate organic waste.

Emphasis is placed on using environmentally friendly detergents,
paper, soaps and cleaners, as well as encouraging people to drink the water from the tap and turn off lights.

In Jöklasel there is both an outdoor rubbish bar for the public and
also a stubble house.

Since our company has been operating since 1994, our staff and
owners have noticed much changes in the glacier in terms of its
melting. The company is therefore willing to take an active part in
social responsibility so future generations can enjoy Vatnajökull,
Europe's largest glacier.